Normally, the first teeth erupt in an infant at around 6-10months. Teeth may erupt in a small group of children before birth (natal teeth) or within one month after birth (neonatal teeth). Very often, the natal/neonatal tooth are premature eruption of a normal incisor tooth. As it is too early, the roots are often not formed. Therefore, the teeth are often shaky. Potential problems may include feeding difficulties, discomfort to mother during breastfeeding, ulcerating of tongue from constant rubbing against teeth, and risk of swallowing/breathing in the shaky tooth that may fall out.

Depending on the situation, management options can include “wait-and-see” monitoring or extractions. If you have concerns about your child’s natal/neonatal teeth, please see a paediatric dentist.


Contributed by Dr. Yee Ruixiang, 13 March 2021.