Dear Esteemed members of Society for Paediatric Dentistry (SPDS),

This is our society’s 20th year. We have grown significantly, since the founding by Dr Rashid and pioneer members in 2004, to a 40+ member society today. The society has fulfilled many of its goals through efforts such as publications (fluoride toothpastes recommendations), public forums and professional education. This is not possible without the unity and selfless contributions of all members.

I wish to thank our Immediate Past president, Dr Hu Shijia and the past executive committee for their leadership and ingenious initiatives such as ‘win-win’ collaborations with NUS. With Dr Hu doing all the heavy lifting, my Vice President role during the past two terms was a breeze.

I would also like to thank the society for their trust in me and electing me to be the 5th president of SPDS. I am also very grateful to my current executive committee who volunteer their personal time and energy to serve the society. I cannot ask for a better team. With our expanding membership and society’s needs, I am glad that the executive committee did not hesitate to take up newly expanded roles. These include the welfare/social IC, the public identity IC and public education IC. This is in sync with my strong belief that we should give opportunities to the young members to develop their soft skills.

We look forward to serving you, celebrating each other’s successes, supporting young local talents, and building our name internationally.  As such, the SPDS executive committee of 2023-2025 aims to continue uphold the mission and vision of the society by:

  • Being the voice for children’s oral health and safeguarding their safety
  • Promoting Paediatric Dentistry
  • Building camaraderie through social events
  • Supporting members, and enhancing members’ knowledge through CDE events
  • Reinforcing our profession’s identity through public relations and education
  • Collaborating locally and globally with other dental and medical societies, teaching institutions, and health institutions.

Please continue to show us the support.

You can contact us at this society email:

Thank you!


Best regards,


Yee Ruixiang, BDS (S’pore), MSc (Paediatric Dentistry)(London), Grad Cert in Advanced Clinical Dental Practice (London), MPaedDent RCS (England), FAMS.

SPDS President 2023-2025